Legend Of The Cultivation God-Chapter 160 A teaser

He Tianshu was only just anyhow talking about it-if he gave the cheats to Zhang Xiaohua, what would he learn? Just by that hanging half level, how could he possibly understand the mysterious 《Misty (Piao Miao) step》? If it was given to Zhang Xiaohua, he would be extremely not worried.

He Tianshu thought Zhang Xiaohua was funny, so he said, “It’s not that I don’t want to practice again, but enlightenment of these few days I have practised and done, why not just directly look at the back? And…” Talking until here, he had turned over ginkgo eyes and snappily muttered, “In front of you is the cultivation method, and I’m afraid of hurting my self-confidence.”(I think you already have)”

Zhang Xiaohua who was puzzled, pulled the skirt of He Tianshu and angrily said, “Team leader He, how can you say that?”

He Tianshu laughed, and said, “Zhang Xiaohua, I really can’t see through you. If you were only smart, but even the most basic Luohan Fist you can’t learn, and 《Strong bull sutra》, such a simple internal strength method, you can’t find the (gas) feeling. You can say you are not martial arts material, but that’s the same as calling yourself dumb. Look at your horse stance. Look at you learn 《Piao Miao steps》”

Zhang Xiaohua waved his hand, and replied, “Team leader He thinks too highly of me. This is just footwork, just don’t use internal force! I also have no internal force. Isn’t it just a coincidence?”

He Tianshu dared to act, but not to own up. He said, “Not so, not so. I was just practising the footwork. In fact, I have been for a couple of days already. This 《Piao Miao step》 is mysterious inside but great. You have to pay attention to every step, and cannot by casually memorised, cast, and a lot of details I carefully scrutinized before learning. Whereas you, just by looking at me use it several times, was be able to create an imitation, and with a little more practise, was able to use it. As the only one, I am really envious.”

Zhang Xiaohua became silent. He just saw a little shadow of martial arts hall and did not know the inside or outside of the structure. Did he have any right to speak?

He Tianshu (scratched his short hair under the jaw) thoughtfully said, “Actually, That Li Jinfeng said the truth. With your clever melon head, you should learn some texts. Yourhand isn’t really that good, and we do not know when it will recover. The opportunity to learn martial arts is not big. Now you are able to protect yourself, turning towards a scholar is also a good road.”

Zhang Xiaohua rattled his head, and replied, “Know the word, widely read. I am of course willing, and I like it. However, I like the feeling of a dancing club. The ancients are good for the cloud, ten steps kill one, Thousands of miles do not stay in line.Just thinking about it is refreshing. This is the realm of my pursuit.”

He Tianshu shook his head, and replied, “It’s nowhere near as easy as you say it is. In this world, it is easy to imagine, but difficult to do. Days in the middle of a river are reigns of terror. You are just looking at a small part of harmony. Calling you the leopard in the jungle (an idiom meaning to only look at one side of things) is not an exaggeration. The ancients are good for the cloud, practice is the only way to test the truth. Only  when you have gone, then you will know the hardships.”

Zhang Xiaohua heard this, and immediately thought of second brother’s situation. Don’t feel there’s some hardships, and it’s no longer words.

Two people, one front one back, left the woods.

Waiting for Xiao Yuan, He Tianshu said to Zhang Xiaohua, “Oh right. Zhang Xiaohua, the people with Little Seccond Nie have been nesting «Medicine» in the agent hall and are ready to do big things. But I also wish to practise this《Piao Miao Steps》. but this 《Medicine》field job…”

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