Mad Dogs Queen- Ch 3 

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so please enjoy our HQ translation (self-proclaimed but I do have some confidence).

for now I am gonna go with the format of jap-romaji-english (in that order)

might change it later on :

3rd episode: let’s do it, lets do it, let’s do a war! (by Mastiff & Pitbull)

『Because we’ve made ‘that’ country collapse, the one that caused milady so much suffering !』(TL note: it may seem out of context but basically he is assuring her that she no longer needs to worry about anything “because…”)

Yes, Grey-sama pridefully reports, raising his slightly drooping face 。

My head is becoming pure white.
Making the country collapse, that means they assaulted it right!? Then in the end what should we do. (TL note: in the raws, it was in Kansai dialect)

Apparently it seems that the 1st and 2nd Divisions’ main job is combat, and the 2nd Division, in particular, deals with trouble with foreign countries.

From the side, a huge, expressionless man with explosive, black, unruly hair, indifferently reports while looking at his documents.

Rascal Von Malamute-sama, the captain of the 4th division which is mainly logistical support. (TL note: for those confused, Malamute is a dog breed. As most of you probably noticed – their last names are dog breeds)

The elegance of the whites of his almond-shaped eyes, and the serious, brown pupils leave a strong impression.

「Mastiff-dono. Is this achievement not thanks to us in the technology division? Especially since Blitzkrieg would be impossible if we couldn’t transport the massive amount of tanks」 (TL: what is this “dengekisen”? electronic warfare?) (ED: if you don’t know about blitzkrieg, read the wiki:

「That’ right. If it weren’t for the intelligence divisions such as the 5th, and 7th divisions, grasping the political situation of each country, then the entire continent was about to be turned into a sea of flames. While it is a wonderful thing to offer Lizolette-sama a bold battle, we will be troubled if you don’t acknowledge us, who brought forth a more certain victory」

Next to him, a man with similar looks and ambiance, but with smaller build then Rascal-sama, adds his opinion.
He is the vice-captain of the 4th division, and his name is Keith Von Husky-sama.

With his straight hair, he looks like a close relative to the Malamute family.

Saying that, those four almond-shaped eyes fixed their stare on me.

Saying ‘Praise us, praise us’.

「They are saying that ‘We also worked hard’」

A person provided a translation in place of Keith-sama. The person, who hasn’t said anything for some time now and was firmly standing uprightly slight in the back, appears to be the captain of the 3rd division.

He is Apollo Von GreatDane.
Taller than anyone, with an ash-coloured hair and a gentle face.

But as no one spoke to him, I am completely clueless to what kind of work he is made to do.

To the three people having their own way with their opinions, Grey-sama adds while making an unamused face.

「I know ! But firstly, the ones who made the other side’s forces powerless and captured their royal family were us! Here, a new message came from Pitbull」

What he took out was a big, rectangular box.
It seems like sounds come out from it when you put your ear against it.

An exaggerated, boisterous, and bold voice even louder than Grey-sama earlier, leaked out.

『Captain! We have captured the source of all evil, the female Haidegger fox ! We are preparing the guillotine now, but should we do it after we return home? Or maybe we should just bite off her neck?! 』

「Please Stop ! 」

I shouted without thinking.

The other side probably also heard me. For a moment there was complete silence.
『Th- that voice is Lizelotte-sama! She has awaken, right ?! In that case! To celebrate the awakening of the Queen let’s perform a sacrifice festival! Let’s have a grand celebration by scattering around fresh blood and innards, starting from ‘this’ woman, the step-brothers, as well as those in the orphanage and of royalty!

And with this country as a foothold, we will gain total control of the old continent and offer it to the Queen! The continent name should also be Lizelotte Continent ! Noo, the world’s name should be Lizelotte! No, it must become it! 』(TL note: O_O … wow the yandere is strong in this one)

His shaking delight is being transmitted, but the contents of the celebration are completely out!
「That’s enough, please stop! Please come back without killing anyone!」
『Eh, that can’t be! 』
「That can’t be」
「I understand that you have done it for me! But, I don’t want anyone to get hurt because of it」

To my scream, those on the other side of the box and Grey-sama seem to have received a shock.
There, the composed Leonhart-sama gave Grey-sama & co. orders.

「That’s how it is. I wanted to send the fox woman and the step-brothers, as well as everyone who has caused Lizelotte-sama harm, to the gallows in this country but…… Until the end, Lizelotte-sama doesn’t desire that now. To avoid decreasing the rations anymore, start an immediate retreat and negotiations」

「We want to be praised you see… ….!」
「Lizelotte-sama, please praise them. 」
Leonhart-sama chased away Grey-sama and looked over his shoulder to face me.

I gazed at the 4 of them, from on top of the bed.
Gazes full of expectations, are gathering together.

「For working very hard for my sake, thank you very much」
「「Lizelotte-sama!」」「Master!」『Que—en! 』「……! 」

To me who lowered my head in a bow and thanked them, they gathered closer by the bed with great joy. All of a sudden, their faces came closer to mine. What is happening!?
Leonhart-sama who noticed my agitation informs me「Lizelotte-sama, it’s the same thing as the one to do to the mongrel」。It can’t be… …。

While having a bad premonition, I stretched one arm and timidly put my hand on Grey-sama’s head。
「Oou」 The old man was excited and I thought “Of course” as I moved my palm side to side。

A refined middle aged man, is in a-g-o-n-y, to my patting。

By the time I finished doing 「Good boy good boy」 to all of them while receiving a considerable amount of damage to my spirit, a bold voice saying『We also want to receive the Queen’s reward. We shall retreat immediately!』was heard coming from the rectangular box, and the transmission was cut off.

The “zaaaaa” grating noise leaking from the box, is speaking the empty state of my mind.


Now then, after they left full of satisfaction I broke out with a fever and has refused any interviews for a while.
However, Leonhart-sama who visited frequently is different.

Apparently, it seems that his work was thrown away at his personal secretaries, and he finally started wearing an apron and acting as a servant.

I very apologetically asked of him to 「Please work hard at your job 」
When I did so, all of a sudden he was full of energy and skipped towards to his workplace.
At the workplace, it seems he showed off the red collar I put on him, gathering jealousy。

Speaking of which, those four from that time were also staring at the collar enviously。

And so, they silently sneaked peeks at me from time to time。Eh, I didn’t notice anything!

「The Shepherd family’s boy was grateful 。By the way, he said『Please tell her that I like puppies that can do their job』」

The one who told me that, was the lady attendant who accompanied to me。
The round middle aged lady with a “DON” like intensity, is Theresa-san。

As one who serves from Viscount Newfoundland’s family, it seems that she was originally supposed to have been my wet nurse if my mother had been kept in the Royal court。(TL note: she said mother as “haha” which is a noblish and distant way to say it. btw NewFoundLand is an island in the Labrador province of Canada…. sensei’s naming sense is leaving me speechless, is this novel supposed to be for Geography and Dog breed maniacs?!)(ED: Yup, as you probably would’ve guessed, Newfoundland is another dog breed and it comes from a place called Newfoundland and Labrador)

With already has 8 children, she is a strong-willed mother。(TL note: this time she said mother as “okaasan”, the normal and familial way)

Because I never had anyone who could be called a mother-figure (step-mother is out of question) around me, I was perplexed。

But, unlike the men who do nothing but serve me with a respectful attitude, she always has a very friendly attitude towards me。(TL note: the “friendly” is written in katakana in the raws, meaning she pronounced it in English and not in Japanese)

As I thought that maybe it’s because she is a woman。Or maybe it’s because she is a mother。(T.N: same here, mother is said as okaasan)

She softly embraced the nervous me, when she wrapped me in her voluminous, soft chest and stomach。

I felt the feeling of my mother whom I am supposed to have no memories of。(TL note: again she said mother as “haha”)

Ever since then I have been calling her 「Theresa-san」, and she also calls me 「Lize-sama」。

Only on adding the “-sama” to my name, she wouldn’t budge, but I live feeling relieved enough every day nevertheless。

―——— and then。I asked her why there are no other royalty besides me。

Her answer was「In a little bit, when the time is ripe」。

At the very least, I came to believe from her sad-looking behavior, that my biological father is already dead。

Right now, there is nothing that I can do。
「We want you to rest well without doing anything」is what they wished。

Well if that’s what they wish, well, anyway first, I must healthfully add on some meat。(ED: I think she’s trying to say that she needs to add more to her health aka get better) (TL note: actually I think she meant putting on some weight and muscle because she is too skinny, remember that she was starving for days)

While being taught light exercises that I can do inside the room, I decided to learn about the alphabet of this country。

Here, the spoken words are understood but it seems the alphabet used is different。
And it’s an alphabet system shared throughout the entire Lumania continent。
(This means I can quickly master the written language and read a book, right? I look forward to it)

It was around the time I put on some meat and stamina and was able to walk around the room。I was wearing a pretty white and purple one-piece dress and looking out by the window。
In the wide garden that is seen from this room that is at one of the corners of the royal castle, the garden trees are vivid, and in full blossom with small cream-coulored flowers in this season。

The garden was a very wide space。
With the water fountain in the center, it seems it was devised to be loved by the royalty, for those nobles who became dogs to play in it。Its nicknameis 「Dog-Run-Court」。

Now with the exception of the Gardner, it became a ‘no trespassing’ area, a place to only take care of the garden trees。

BaShiba is at my side, behaving as if he wants to look outside the window。It seems he is being taken out on walks, but it looks like he is also interested in the scenery seen from here。

When I picked him up by his armpits and showed him the outside, he suddenly cried「Kyan」and ran away under the bed 。

「Is there something there?」

When I peeked out the window again, behind the fountain there was a considerably big shadow。
Is it someone who broke the ‘no trespassing’ ban?

「Lize-sama, did something happen?」
「Someone is behind the fountain……」
「Oh my, how terrible! We have to contact the guards!」

Theresa-san leaves in a hurry。
When I looked out the window again, the shadow was already gone。

「Exactly what was that……」

As I leaned my neck to the side, a bold angry shout was heard。
It looks like an uproar is happening in the corridor。

「I still haven’t received the Queen’s reward!Let me pass through here!」
「You can’t, not without the prime-minister’s permission!」
「Our clan’s motto is 『If you want it, take it by force』!Don’t you dare order me when you are weaker than me !」
「This is the royal castle! The likes of the Pitbull family’s principals are unrelated here」
「Shut up and move aside!」

Right after flashy sounds *Baki* and *doka* were heard, and the door suddenly opened violently。

The one who appeared was a muscular, grey short-haired young man wearing military clothes.
He wasn’t very tall but, the sharp glint in his eyes, made his face intense。

On the other side of the corridor that I slightly took a peek at, something like a heap of corpses was visible。

The grey eyes of the man who found me glittered and he grinned widely。
As he smiled, a canine peeked out as if splitting the big mouth。

Yes, just like a wild dog who has found his prey……!

「This feeling is , definitely royalty。Queen…… I found you」

To the petrified me, the man is slowly getting closer。

BaShiba is, of course, not coming out from under the bed!
Rather, as I stand in front of the bed, something tepid is touching my heels…… It seems that Bashiba had leaked himself after being hit by the man’s blood thirst。BAD SHIBA!

The man stood right in front of me, appearing to look down upon me。
Being looked down upon, I was afraid of his villainous atmosphere from the bottom of my heart。

「To be unfazed after being hit by my blood thirst。as expected from our Queen(mypleasure)」(TL note: most of you know from the previous translator but I will say it anyway- “my, pleasure” is written in katakana thus the pronunciation is probably in English)

Not so。My facial muscles hardly moving, is natural from birth。I was always told it wasn’t cute。

My spirit has already admitted defeat, and is surrendering to you!

With his characteristically fat finger he lifted up my chin, and constantly glaring at me with a look in his eyes that feels like he will bite me to death 。

「I am the head of the Pitbull Family that compose a majority of the 2nd Division, Barbarian Von Pitbull。

The Pitbull that serves under Mastiff-dono, is my little brother。

For milady’s sake, we have made that country collapse。But apparently, you suddenly issued a retreat order, not making use of the Pitbull Family’s fighting spirit……。To not let a Pitbull to fight ’till the end is outrageous。I have come to file a complaint to milady」

It’s bad to not make use of their fighting spirit!? A soldier is that kind of a being?

Or so to say, the Pitbull is that kind of a Family!?

My confusion is, of course, not getting across。
To the always expressionless me, Barbarian-sama laughed。His mouth looked even more open。
「That’s why、please let me do a war」

「Pardon!? 」(TL note: “hai! ?”)

I finally was able to talk some words but, they didn’t carry much meaning。
To my “answer” (question), his mood improved。

「An answer with a good feeling。As expected from our last king that’s right……。Very well, then it’s war。(ED: not sure if it’s last king or most recent monarch/master)

Our meaning of existence is battle。For milady’s sake I shall go and get a beautiful country smeared with fresh blood and offer it to you」
「N-no no no no that’s not it。Let’s stop doing war。Fighting is definitely not good。In the first place, why do you want to fight!?」(TL note: the words in ittalic were in katakana but were with Japanese pronunciation, so I guess it had some kind of dialect)

He dealt with my desperate denial with a single breath from his nose。

「Fuh。It looks like you won’t easily give permission……It’s a shame, huh。

In the first place, it’s because we are Dog-kin that were created for that purpose。Our blood screams, ’fight’」

The Pitbull clan, it seems, strongly inherited the blood of the Dog-kin that extremely enhances their fighting ability as a result of the wars their ancestors fought in the past。That’s why they love battles of death and life。
Rather, if they didn’t burn their battle-spirit from time to time, too much frustration will build up and they might just raise an insurrection。They are that kind of Clan apparently。What a bother。

The royal family prepared all kind of battle stages to fight on, or so he says。
Borders strife, a big scale bandits subjugationColosseum
Depending on the situation, there was even a time they were even hired out as state-mercenaries to other countries。

It appears that this time my investigation & revenge (outburst of anger) towards the country that didn’t come to my rescue, was the perfect opportunity。
As to『Let’s suppress the old continent』。

「To our anger that is building up like magma, exactly how does milady plan to reduce it?

———— or maybe if we harass milady, will it clear up a little ?」

He puts power into the finger that is holding my chin。
There, Theresa-san returned in a hurry。

「What are you doing!Even if you are the head of the distinguished Pitbull family, what a discourtesy towards Lizelotte-sama!」
「In our dictionary, there are no words such as『Respect because she’s royalty』。Although my little brother is an eccentric so there is no relation」

While the Guards are slowly getting closer, Barbarian-sama peeks as close as possible to my face, smiling。
This man is…… agitating me。He probably wants to make me angry。

At that part I realized。
……I know of this behavior。In the end this is the same as the other Dog-kin。

「Queen?We follow『Strong Individuals』。How much will Milady satisfy us?」

「……I don’t know」

I stood firm to his threat made in a low voice。
In close quarters, I am surely staring back at him strongly。

「I don’t know you at all。On the other hand, I have also yet to understand who exactly am I。But for now, you will let me praise you with『You did a good job enduring the fight at the old continent』」

And then I, softly removed his hand that was on my chin, and with both of my hands with *washi* , *washi*  I ruffled his short hair。

He opened his sharp eyes, and was in a daze while having his hair played with。
And he started laughing at the hand that had completely ruffled his hair。

「Aha ha ha ha!So it’s that way huh, Lizelotte-sama!Gor honourably praising our painful perseverance, Thank you very much。In that case, we will temporarily withdraw。

———— After all, it really has been a while since I was praised by a Royalty」

Please quickly prepare for us a place to fight。
Leaving such words behind, while showing his bulging back muscles, he laughed and left。

「Lize-sama! Thank goodness you’re safe!」

Being hugged by Theresa-san, I finally felt relieved。
I could feel my power leaving from my entire body。

He really was on the troublesome side。

The next troublesome thing was Leonhart-sama, who came running, embraced me at full power and sniffed my whole body。
And then to Leonheart-sama who is saying 「Thank goodness you’re safe after being bitten by that savage dog!」, I said as such。

「It is something I did frequently when I was disciplining Bashiba。

When he suddenly challenged his master by mounting on me。That is simply him wanting attention」

Firstly, praise him。
But, clarify the reason for it clearly。
Even just with that, a dog-kin like him should be satisfied for the time being。
Most likely, I think that the fact that only his little brother had「Good boy, good boy」done to him, had become one of the reasons for his anger。

The Pitbull is a terribly troublesome dog-kin。
This time I was able to deceive him but, I must think of how to deal with them from now on。

Even so, it looks like there are still quite a lot of troublesome 「mad dogs」in this country 。

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