Looking for an Editor/Proofreader- ‘II’- MDQ

Hey, so I got bad news, and some psuedo-good news :

The bad news is my Current/ex Editor in charge of ‘Mad dogs Queen’ has decided to quit.

It wasn’t anything personal nor there were any communication problems, it’s just that he got too busy and became unable to handle both his translation projects and being my Editor at the same time.

The good (psuedo) news is now I have a got a free spot and I need someone to fill it……wait why was this good news again? oh right, yeah.

So – If Any of you is intrested in working with me on “Queen of the mad dog knights” , please feel welcome to send me a message through any way you want, and I will answer you within a few hours at the latest.

Actually I am pretty desperate about this so please, please let there be someone who is intrested!!!

6 thoughts on “Looking for an Editor/Proofreader- ‘II’- MDQ

      1. grannyfoodie

        Not sure how this works, but all I see on the contact page is that it’s a contact page??? I don’t see an email for me to send to.


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