Mad Dogs Queen- Ch 4

Sorry for the delay in release, my Editor was busy with his Finals and I was stuck in a mental slump (partially because WordPress was giving me problems, like deleting my work when I tried to access the draft from my mobile, reverting to earlier versions, etc) and then as you all probably know : My Editor sent me a letter of resignation, so I had to find a new one. anyway these last 2 months were full of unexpected problems but I think the worst has passed and from now on it’s gonna be a smoother sailing (I Hope!).

some of you were wondering about a “certain person” *Hint, Hint* in the comment section last chapter so for those of you who were interested – plz read and enjoy finding out if you were right.

The 4th story Hey, I am cute right? Please Dote on me Master(Goshujin-sama)! (by Maltese)

Now then, around one month has passed since I have come to this country。

My body is also at full power,  I am full of energy from the delicious meals and appropriate exercise, as well as Theresa-san’s snacks in-between meals。

Bashiba also splendidly became a round, round,  fatshi…… No, a roundshiba 。

And I became tired of being carefree in this room。

Standing diagonally behind me as I read a book, Leonhart-sama looks like he will gradually become lonely, crying out ‘ku~n’, so I ask him。

「Lionheart-sama, I am royalty right?」

「Yes, I’m saying that my everything is for Lizelotte-sama to command」

「I cannot comprehend that feeling though。Rather then that! ———— I am always intruding here」(TL note -she means she is useless and a freeloader)

「’Intruding’? Absolutely not。Everything here belongs to Lizelotte-sama。Rather I want to take care of you more so much that I can’t stand it 。I wonder why wouldn’t you order me more」

「…… Let’s return the conversation 。could you please teach me now about this country’s actual state of affairs and the job I need to do。I have already been taught by my step-brother-sama, that there is no debt scarier then one earned by free meals」

To my request, Lionheart-sama freezes his smiling face。

And without answering the main point, inquires about the showing obliqueness。

「…… Lizelotte-sama,  sometimes you say words from the west of that country such as『what the heck』 as well as『what should I do』, right? All of that, I wonder, is from the step-brother-sama’s influence」(T.N: the words in italics are spoken in kansai-ben/dialect)

To be more accurate I heard that it’s called the Essei western language。

It seems that it’s a language that is hard to get the true pronunciation unless one was born and raised in the West, and the more half-heartedly you try hard, the more you will be discriminated by the locals。 With a truly sad look on his face, he always lamented 「Why I wasn’t born in the West from the start?」。

「Yes, I was taught the western languege by him。in the first place if it wasn’t for him, I probably would have exhausted my power at my house or at the orphanage long ago。he is really my savior that taught to me the way to survive」

「Is that so……」

Lionheart-sama looked away, and gradually started to fidget。

Is it fleas?No way,  that is only at Bashiba’s level。as one would expect。

「It’s step-brother we are talking about, so he is probably doing well。Lionheart-sama。have the diplomatic negotiations with my homeland already finished? May I write a letter to step-brother? 」

「No, well。please wait for a moment」

He called the guard who was waiting behind him, and sneakily gave him instructions。It’s probably a considerably pressing errand。the gaurd changed into a long-and-narrow dog in a hurry and ran off。

I had a bad premonition。

After my homeland had fallen, I received a message saying that starting with the royalty, step-mother and everyone were released but…… it could actually be a lie。

After a short while, I was prompted to move to the parlour of the royal palace。

The two of us,With Lionheart-sama and me, are waiting for something。

When the door opens,  2 soldiers threw inside something rolled inside a carpet。

It squirms like a Caterpillar。

When I strain my ears, I heard a voice sayingwhat the heck are you doingー!』

It’s step-brother! !

「Esteemed step-brother-sama! 」I rushed over to the caterpillar in panic。(TL note: from now on instead of esteemed step-brother-sama I will use Ogikei-sama)

However before I could reach him, right before my eyes the caterpillar is being trampled on by a long military boot。


「even though you are just an intruder don’t shout such filthy words before the Queen, you trash bug」

Unintentionally freezing, I looked upwards。

My gaze Following the semi-trousered leg, there is a boy around the same age as step-brother looking down on the trampled down caterpillar with a cold-hearted expression。It looks like he seriously considers step-brother to be a trash bug。

Silky smooth hair, as if the pigment was taken out of it, cut at the shoulders, decorates his brown skin。his slender body is dressed in a black military uniform, and at one hand he holds a short whip。

The jet black eyes are as big as if spilling over, and the small lips are plump, seems almost erotic。

It’s the first time I saw such a pretty boy。

The pretty boy with the brown skin met eyes with the amazed me, immediately smiled like bloomed flowers, and greeted me。


「Nice to meet you, Lizelotte-sama! It’s The captain of the 5th division, Mars・Von・Maltese! I am good at assassination, infiltration, and torture so order me whenever you want ok! If you call me 『Mar-chan』 and make me your beloved pet dog, I will be even happier!」

With a sweet high-pitched voice, he doesn’t fit the situation under his feet 。

Behind me, Lionheart-sama is saying「the one who is the beloved pet is me。 If you talk about a Domestic dog, it’s about me right!?」but, that is probably ok if I ignore it

Anyway I wished for the caterpillar, or rather, for step-brother to be released。

Reluctantly Mars-sama and the soldiers-san untied the rug, and rolled out the contents inside 。

Black haired with black rimmed glasses。A 13 years old of medium build with a shady smile。

As expected it’s step-brother!

「Ogikei-sama!are you alright !?」

As I thought it was RizeEven so do I look alright~?really, I had some awful experiences

Raising both elbows, step-brother stands up。when I desperately brushed away the dust that was on his back, from the surrounding comes a jealous gaze saying「although he is just a prisoner, to have Lizelotte-sama touch him 。Ignore Ignore。

Looking closely, step-brother was being dressed in shirt and trouseres like those that are worn by a prisoner。

After being released, he sat crossed legged on the ground, and with a ‘ha~’ took a deep breath。

I, was being held here the whole time

「After the retreat, he was capured after slipping into a tank unit! Because he calls himself Lizelotte-sama’s older brother in blasphemy, for coution’s sake investigating him 「Is what I  was thinking of doing but, because a messenger came, it was suspended。how boring」」

Mars-sama hit the whip on the side of his palm, and pouts his lips in displeasure。

On the other hand step-brother, has appearantly learned all kinds of information in jail from both sides of his isolation cell, that here is an another continent and Kennel kingdom, moreover he understood as far as that it’s country of the Dog-kin in the past。

To think that Rize is the survivor of the precious royal familythe old hag’s  woman’s intuition hit the mark

Apparently step-brother, at the time when he was caught at the raid of the mysterious soldiers, heard the words「we will make you repent for the sin of causing Lizelotte-sama to suffer」from one of the soldiers。

It seems that beside mother and the two older brothers who had Becom half frenzied, anyone related to their little step-sister was labeled a target。

Furthermore after being suddenly released, he investigated the orphanage and gathered together the stories from the vagrant children。and speculating that I ran to the mountains when he conducted a search, there were clearly tracks of the horseless carriages that were stationed at the capital going in a straight line。

If that’s the case, he thought that the place where a lot of the carriages are being stationed is suspicious, so he staked it out。

And, it means step-brother that confirmed that I was taken away, and when the entire army commenced retreat, he even boldly sneaked into the gigantic ship transporting the horseless carriages。

The Dog-kins immediately noticed the intruder by smell。

But Mars-sama stopped them it seemed。saying「Because Lizelotte-sama’s smell is coming from him, let’s watch the situation」 。

In the case step-brother accidentally meets Bashiba by chance thinking he might be of use for something, he brought a few of my ribbons as smell indicator。I think that it was really a stroke of good luck。

Moreover after allowing him to safely smuggle along, when Mars-sama was about to start investigating him in joy, a voice came calling from above, thus leading to this situation。

I recalled。

Step-brother is an owner of a considerably strong good luck。

That step-brother who’s thick skin and strong luck are his strong points, fixing his posture on the parlour’s sofa, introduced himself in front Lionheart-sama and Mars-sama。

———— By the way in formal places, he fixes his Essie western language to the standard language。

「My name is Bad・Luck・Heidegger 。This time I am very sorry for coming along forcefully 。Although she is an in-law, I was worried whether or not my precious little sister was kidnapped」

「Precious you say? Even for saying something like that, when Lizelotte-sama went through miserable experiences you didn’t protect her at all, right」

「Yes, no matter how much I reflect on it I can’t take it back。However, from now on I won’t do such a thing like make my age an excuse。Something like the house with my irritating older brothers in it, I don’t mind abandoning it。」

franky, with a just empty backing I am in a pinch。Oh step-sister of mine do something about it』is what I heard from step-brother inner-voice。

Standing up, I petitioned to Lionheart-sama。

「Please! Please Help so step-brother can live with a peace of mind!」

「Err, well, if that is what Lizelotte-sama says then……. in the first place he is on the important side too……」

「Why is toothing no good!?」(TL:Sorry I didn’t find anything for this歯切れ that make sense!)(ED2: It’s ok)

To the Lionheart-sama that was saying so reluctantly, Mars-sama that is leaving the whip by his side and is sipping on tea next to him,  said 「In other words it’s that, it’s a problem of the Pack’s ranking」。

「Hey, Bad-kun。No matter how much you act like Lizelotte-sama’s older brother, in the end you are only a newcomer。Don’t you think it’s better if you change your attitude towards a supreme person? After all this here is the kingdom of dogs」

「Eh, although because Ogikei-sama is Ogikei-sama!」

「Ah I see。It’s fine it’s fine。……Now then Lizelotte-sama。Could you please allow me to join your vassals?」

Suddenly step-brother has lowered himself from the sofa, and showed obedience with his kneel。

What an adaption speed!

Staring at the always sturdy older brother’s back of the head, while also becoming filled with complicated feelings I took action in order to ensure his social position。

「Yes!  I understand! I understand so, please do something Lionheart-sama!

「Yes, Lizelotte-sama。By the way Heidegger-kun。Never call Lizelotte-sama so lightly as 『Lize』 again。And from in the future, when she will officially succeed the throne calling her in a way beside 『Her or your majesty』is inexcusable。You understand right。……in this country if you don’t want to be killed by jealousy,  follow this」

「I understand」

To the sight of the obediently nodding step-brother, my lonely memories came filling me。

So I asked again that then at least I could have him working close to me however, so that he wouldn’t act too over-familiar, it became that step-brother would be receiving training in the army。

Originally, in order to be close to me, it seems that at the very least one needs to have『Guard Dog』qualifications 。


「Lizelotte-sama, please make sure from now on to call him 『Heidegger』。From now on milady’s (your) last name will be『Bewdegger』after all, so there won’t be a problem」

「…… There is a a resistance」

「Then by first name is okay。On the side please do call me Lionheart without any honorifics」

「Ah, then me Mar-chan!」

「please spare me from dropping the honorifics!」

With no other way, I had no choice but to call step-brother from now「Bad-san」。

On the contrary to step-brother that didn’t mind it at all, I had a somewhat complicated feeling。

Instead, in the time while training with the army『on my orders』I could make it so he was allowed to have an audience with me。

However, with a condition that it has to be in presence of Lionheart-sama, or Mars-sama。If it’s there the Essie western language elder-brotherly way of talking will be allowed is what I had them promise to me but……。

When he was about to leave, I called out to him。

「Ogikei-sama…… I have caused Ogikei-sama to abandon his own home」

「That name is forbidden from now on。

…… Anyhow I am glad you’re fine。and it also looks like I can fulfill the promise to protect you。I don’t want that kind of home anymore。I was originally planning on leaving as fast as possible anyway。It’s just that, after all in this country there are a lot of things I don’t understand 。or more like, things about the royalty in particulary smell fishy。no matter what kind of fellows are barking with “wan wan” and drawing close to you , until you understand all the strings attached don’t ever let down your guard 」


And so I saw off step-brother that was being taken away  by the security guards。

Without noticing the expressions of  being glared at Lionheart-sama, and the happy looking Mars-sama。



Now then, being wary of the previous Pittbull clan’s raid, the security around me became stricter。

At the Dog run court, forcefuly making the roundShiba that is starting to find even moving too bothersome, to run, I piled books on at the square gazebo’s table at my side。Doing nothing but read next to Theresa-san who was knitting。

Everyone worries over my bookworm appearance but, it’s ridiculous。I still haven’t read enough yet。Anyway I was hungry for knowledge。About the world。About the Dog-kin。And about my own self。

There are still things that everyone won’t teach me, alot of them。

In that case, If I don’t investigate it up on my own, I really won’t be able to calm down。

I wasn’t so skillful as to easily being able to procure raw information like step-brother does。

Tranquial skies, and an environment that is an overgrown with green gazebo。In the surroundings lots of guards are surrounding me。

Amongst them there is just one, that was taking the form of a dog。


―——— Appearantly everyone from the guards, actually wants to take a dog form in front of royalty  and to be dotted on however, they are afraid that once it becomes a habit they might not ever be able to return to human form。

What is this。Am I a drug。

Swaying his white short fur, is a small-sized dog walking around restlessly。

With a lovely cute appearance but, his title is the Captain of the 5th Division。Up until the 8th division amongst the Division captains of the central knights order, I have heard appearantly it seems that he is the only one who is a small-sized dog。

For the sake of this duty, handing over his duties to the Vice-captain, he became my exclusive「guard-dog

Because of the recommendation of the knights order and Lionheart-sama,  his abilities and talent (mostly in assassination techniques), and since with his appearance even if he is with me it will be hard to be envied by other dogs, he was appointed to be attached to me from today on。

「Although not to the extent of Barbarain but there are lots of dogs that can easily go berserk。As such, I prepared an escort that you can always keep at your side。He has a bit of a peculiarity but, even in exchange of his life he will surely protect Lizelotte-sama」, I can’t forget Lionheart-sama’s face overflowing with jealousy as he is glaring at Mars-sama, when he was making his introduction of him

 Lionheart-sama Until the end was saying「but If it’s domestic dogs then Golden Retriever is the best。It’s only a temporary measure you see。It can’t be helped right……」and while turning his head over here over and over again, has left through the door。

I wonder if that Was him wanting me to stop him。

But certainly, Mars-sama was a persona with a strong peculiarity。

「Hey, hey, Lizelotte-sama! can I call you Master(Goshujin-sama)?」(Ed: Are you going to keep the (goshujin-sama) part?) (TL: YES!!!)

「If possible I want you to refrain from doing it」

「Eh~? I heard Lionheart-sama say it from time to time though? Only him being allowed  is definitely weird。Hey, it’s fine right?」

「……If you will be be careful in public

「Yay!I love you Master(Goshujin-sama)!hey hey, can I hug you? or maybe can you hold the dog me in your arms?」

Usually he is very innocent。(TL: OI Lize-sama, I am not sure this guy is as “innocent” as you think!)

As the impression from when I first met him fades away, he seems much younger then I though, I completely can’t see him as someone who came of age。In reality he might be around a little bit above step-brother。

As his bright expression is very similar to step-brother, I feel a sense of familiarity。

When I pointed that out, Mars-sama sulked。

「Master’s(Goshujin-sama’s)『Like zone』is, that mongrel right?Theresa-san right?Lionheart-san is around 10 more steps short of it right? ———— and Bad-kun correct? hey, let me inside of it too!」

「Umm, only a few day have passed since we met isn’t it」

「I am a good dog! because unlike the mongrel I will also properly protect Master (Goshujin-sama)。I won’t lose Even to the rascals from Pitbull。that’s why properly dote on me」

「I-, I see」

「Because I am cute after all !Dote on me lots, Master(Goshujin-sama)!」

I thought he was on the amusing side but, at that time I didn’t notice。

The fact that really liking to be loved is who the Maltese clan is , they were also the people that were on the side that really loves pranks。

And, the fact that he is a Captain from the Mad Dogs Knight Order。That is, the proof of just how strongly peculiar individual he is。



Well then in the next day。

In the usual Dog-Run-Court Gazebo, I am reading the history of this country。

The letters of this continent have a complicated shape。

At first the meaning was difficult to understand however, when I was taught the letter’s structure by Theresa-san, I realized that they are even older then the old characters of the country I was in。

that they were the letters that crossed over very long ago, keeping their original appearance。

This will become a big support for the 「People that holds the forms of animals crossed the sea」 theory, that father taught me

They also certainly said it。that 「They crossed the sea long ago」。

When I considerably advanced in reading the history books, there was something I understood。

This country is quite, dangerous。

There are lots of various meanings to ‘dangerous’ but, in this country’s case it’s that they are projecting「Battle strength」too much

The number of countries in the Lumania Continent is 9 kingdoms/states。The Lumania・Dragonia・Empire with the highest population count of eighty Million。In the medium sized country it’s a ten million to thirty million。Small sized with a one million to five million。

It’s just that if looking at the military balance the situation changes。

In the Lumania・Dragonia Empire, there are One hundred thousand soldiers (the nobles private armies are also included), and Five hundrad thousand normal farmers that are made to be reserve soldiers。On the other hand in the Kennel kingdom comparing to the population of Thirty million, there are Fifty thousand soldiers and the ones that are being made reserve are Ten million。

Something is weird。

When I inquired Theresa-san that is putting away the finished plate of snacks, this is how she answered。

「It’s because among the Dog-kin men there are lots of people that are obsessed about victory or defeat。They want to prove that their power is strong。That’s why people that have an ability to fight aggressively apply to be reserve soldiers。Reserve soldiers normally don’t receive any rewards though。but, Anyway even if it’s a reserve if one can only become a soldier and have their ability acknowledged, they gain the qualifications that are to be a『Guard-Dog』next to the King 」

For the sake of receiving the right to be called a 「Guard-Dog」, they always sharpen their claws and fangs, and for the sake of being praised by the royalty they become strong。That is the symbol of Status  for the men of this country(TL: status was written in katakana with an English pronunciation)

(Step-brother…… I wonder if will he come back alive)

I am so anxious I can’t help it。

「Lize-sama, It’s about time for a light exercise isn’t it」

『Master(Goshujin-sama)!Do  Go get it please!』

I hear Mars-sama’s voice in my head。

Holding a Flying saucer for dogs in his mouth, while shaking his white fur, he casually came unto the Gazebo’s table。

「it’s okay, Mars-sama」


『Mars-sama is too stiff。might as well just call me Mar-chan!』

I was reeled by being stared at by the sparkling shining black pearl like eyes but, with a「that is a little… I somehow was able to refuse。

「that is not allowed, Maltese-sama。If you will be unskillfully called with a broken nickname,  you will have your duty switched because of jealousy, by everyone from the knight order that are already enduring it」

『That would be not good!I also struggled a lot for the sake of getting this duty。It can’t be helped。— Then Mar-mar is fine, Master(Goshujin-sama)!』

「That would be fine, I think」

「This isn’t resulting in a solution」

Somehow pushing my way through with a「It’s Mars-sama」, I carried the Flying saucer

It’s the perfect opportunity, so lets have Bashiba exercise together with us。

Bashiba had his heart attracted by the pretty Maltese, and approaches with a ‘kyu~n’ ‘Kyu~n’。

Ah, he was blown away for about 10 meters after being hit by a front leg。

It’s not good, because this person is a Dog-kin。

Even before that it’s a male though。

getting a grip over myself, with a “here” I threw the Saucer。

The 2 have chased after it at the same time with a Dash(TL: Dash is written with an English pronounce)

―――― after waiting a while for about 2 min。

Mars-sama has returned dragging a lone Human dressed in a camouflage uniform by his neck。

Camouflage-uniform-san doesn’t move at all。

『Master(Goshujin-sama)!It’s an assassin (bug) from around the Empire!I properly done (got) him in so praise me praise me!』

「and thee flying saucer!?」

『Tee。I forgot about that one。Next time I will get it but before that, praise me please!』

「T, Thank you very much?」

『~ If you do it anyway lift me up in your hands please』!

In a way so the Camouflage uniform person won’t enter my  sight, I lifted up the dog in my arms。

He is lukewarm (lenient) and mofumofu with a just size in my arms。

『Hey! I am a cute dog right? that’s why dote on me a lot okay!』

There was blood sticking to the fangs that he lovely barked ‘Wan!’ with。

It isn’t Alveolar Pylaria right。

…… That’s right。

By the way it seems that BaShiba, in the middle of chasing the bag of jerky that was blown away by the wind in the middle of chasing a twig in the middle of chasing a rabbit in the middle of chasing the saucer, has forgot about his original goal。

He came back, asking for jerky。

It’s the relieving Bad Shiba。

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