Mad Dogs Queen – Ch 6


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This time I have only one thing to say-
WOW these dogs are just something else! I am not even sure whether to categorize them as Yandere or not!
P.S. I learned how to add Footnotes (YAY) so the amount of TN (Translator notes) in the middle of the chapter will now decrease!
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The 6th story- Master(goshujin-sama)! Oh my wish and desire! (by Wolfhound)


Darius-sama won’t come out of the dog-hut。
This isn’t a metaphor。I am standing in front of a big dog-hut enshrined in the Knight order Leader room。
Grasping tightly at one of the 3 sacred tools entrusted to me by Leonheart-sama。From the entrance below the【Darius】nameplate, a round back and a wilted tail can being seen。
I can see that he is very depressed。
Behind me, there are Darius-sama’s three fidgety subordinates 。
Changing into dog forms they are watching over him。
Two out of the three of them, while being of different size, were very similar to DaShiba。

Just now, I said a very rude thing to them。
Even if similar to Bad Shiba(dame shiba), the two are a dignified in a way that he possibly can’t be。

The other one is quite similar to Grey-sama。
If I remember right the family names of the 3 of them were, Akita, and Kishuu, weren’t they I wonder。(ED2: Praise Akita!)
Let’s confirm the full names again some other day。

Even so……。
I am looking at the depressed doggy that has rolled into a ball in the corner of the hut。

That the situation became like this, it is all my responsibility。





He is someone that rarely takes a human form in the first place apparently, and he holds dignity and takes pride in his dog self more then anyone。
That pride, in the country I was born and raised would get expressed as「Higher then the Fuji Mountain」, but on this continent it would be called「Higher then the One Man Mountain」apparently。By the way that mountain’s elevation above sea level is about 10,000 Meters。I wonder if it isn’t probably the highest mountain in the world。

To his words「It was something I did thinking it will be beneficial for master(Goshujin-sama)」, I happened to deny it with all my strength。

Immediately following my「Go return it!!!」shout。
At first he didn’t change the expression on his face。
However, the tanned fearless face was gradually turning pale, at the end he changed into a really large dog with stiff fur。

And apologizing『I ended up doing something unpleasant。I am very sorry』, and rolling his tail has left out through the door!(Ed: Rolling his tail??? O.o)

His three flustered subordinates, have left chasing his retreating figure。

―——— The truth is, he was very sensitive。


After Darius-sama left, I was at a loss。

「Dogs want to be praised。However, Darius was in the wrong。Although he should have confirmed first whether Lizelotte-sama, likes conquest or not。Don’t mind it。Milady(you) got angry at him as the owner (shujin)。That is how it should be」, is how I am being consoled by Leonheart-sama、

「But…… if I was told the same thing it would be harsh right」

Is what I was told by Grey-sama。
When I turned looked over my shoulder the uncle has changed into a dog, and was rolling his tail。

When I look around, the Dog-kins inside have changed into dogs, and are hanging their heads down with a Kyun
Especially the tails of the people belonging to the 2nd Division are falling。The mood in the meeting-room, withered for some reason as well。

(Did I mistaken the correspondence in handling this……)
Barbarian-sama is laughing, at me who was paralyzed from confusion。

「He is stupid isn’t he。If anything after destroying all of the intelligent creatures all he should have said is『We have found an uninhabited Island。It’s perfect to be Milady’s(your) summer-resort grounds』。Queen, you don’t have to worry about it」
「No, that is also bad」

Of course I will be absolutely worried。Rather about your remark instead。



「Leonheart-sama。Would it be fine if I told Lizelotte-sama a proposal1

There, Step-brother threw me a timely lifeline。
When Leonheart-sama nods with a「Umu」, the dog-kins gazes are gathering together。

To the voices that are whispering「He is the boy that was Queen’s step-brother」「For the sake of protecting her he marched into this country or something」「But in the end, he didn’t protect her at the old continent after all」「Can he be trusted?」「As if we can trust just a human」, the black rimmed glasses didn’t even move a muscle。As expected of him。

「First Lizelotte-sama。For bestowing glory upon Wolfhound-sama thank you very much」

Exactly what in the world is he talking about。
Unrelated to my confusion, step-brother is respectfully continuing 。

「Wolfhound-sama has, received Lizelotte-sama’s very first『Bad!』。While unfortunately he couldn’t get her to say「Die」but, this is surely Master’s (Gohusjin-sama’s) official order。If you don’t call this an honor then what would you call it」

To these words, the ears of all of the doggies that were hanging their heads stood up like PIN。The people that are taking the forms of humans as well, are with sparkling faces and、

「「So that’s how it was!So it was a precious order!Lord.Wolfhound was granted such a glory」」are glad。


(Honor!?Glory !? What are you saying everyone!Or rather what is step-brother !?)

Most likely if these words were to be translated though,「You want to be cared for right?You want to be ordered right?Just be glad already」is what they would mean I think。Even so……。

Unrelated to my unrest, the joy is spreading among the dog-kins。That “we are so glad”。
Grey-sama that is hanging his head as well, his ears are moving eagerly。

「However, that is that。Milady didn’t like the continentthing however, for the sake of praising Wolfhound-sama’s achievements until now , an even more wonderful reward is supposed to be prepared。
―————like, brushing for example」


Grey-sama has put a lot of strength into his limbs and stood up。
His drooping cheek gone up, and his eyes are shining with sparkles。

Seeing that step-brother fixes his glasses。
Furthermore he said、
「Lizelotte-sama should be scolding us more and more。And please bestow us『Time to be underneath Milady』as well」adding one more thing。

Unrelated to me who was caught dumbfounded, among the dog-kin-sans for some reason a deep impression has started spreading。

『「 Magnificent, boy !」』

The Dog-kin-sans close to Grey-sama, especially everyone from the 2nd division are deeply moved, and with WAN WAN! are drawing close to me。
If Mars-sama, Theresa-san, and Leonheart-sama & co didn’t restrain them, I was very close to being about to be pushed down by the many dogs。

All of the dog-kins throughout the meeting-room change into dogs and are surrounding, and barking at me
Even Barbarian-sama with a「 This is interesting as well」changed into a dog。

At the end step-brother purposely warped his smile and cried out、
「Please scold us more, Lizelotte-sama。And please dye us in milady’s(your) colors!」。

『Well said boy!I got a better opinion of you!』
『Come Queen, here and now!Please criticize our faults and bad points!』
『More and more instructions!complaints !bad excuses』(ED2: bad excuses? visible confusion)(TL: Believe me I am just as confused)
『Please step on me』

Only a little more then 10 minutes, since Darius-sama has left。
Among all of the dog-kin, for some reason being scolded by me has become a symbol of status!
―———The last line is out of question though。

At step-brother who is being praised by everyone, and once more is respectfully putting his hand against his chest, Leonheart-sama is looking with a complicated expression on his face。
While muttering「Within a short time he has already grasped the dog-kin’s nature……such an ominous man」。

As expected from step-brother。
Such courage and quick wittiness that I possibly can’t imitate。



Now, returning to the beginning。
I call out to the depressed super-large doggy, that completely secluded himself in the dog-hut。


Surprised, the big back trembled。

And placing his tail further to his stomach, he tried making himself smaller and smaller。
I felt very sorry。

「I am very sorry for scolding you in front of everyone else。Also, there was something I didn’t say enough。
You have have saved this country, and furthermore have searched for me didn’t you。I don’t need the continentother people’s home, but I am grateful for your actions。Thanks to you, I can live safely like this together with my pet dog and step-brother」

The back won’t say anything。
However, it looks like the trembling has stopped。

「I am a humble 10 year old, and I don’t have the sense for politics or economics。
However, as I want to do something within what I can do to thank you, I received this from Leonheart-sama。Please, would you let me give you a brushing」

I raised the sacred tool in my right hand。
One of the 3 great sacred tools of the royal family, the『wanwan Brush』。Said to be used from the first king, it’s a dog-type brush that is said fits any coat of dog hair apparently。

It’s a brush that is a little large for my hand, but it has a simple and easy to hold shape。
Using some kind of animal’s fur it’s a two-sided type, with roundly manufactured hair tips。
Both sides of the brush were something that more than being exclusive for fur, but also  for massages。The first king’s feelings of wanting to care for his doggies are being conveyed。

I could tell the 3 doggies behind are gulping to the sight, of the plain-looking effect of the Sacred tool brush。

I  sat down on top of the carpet。
And pat my thighs that still haven’t regained their meat after losing weight。

「Pretty please。Darius-sama、show yourself」

With a、It’s okay? It’s okay? Even though I am a bad child、you are willing to forgive me? Darius-sama timidly took out his face。And acknowledging my appearance preparing the brush in one hand、he sluggishly revealing his huge body approaches me。
————He really is big isn’t he。When I look up at him I feel like my neck will break。

If I remember right the Wolfhound clan were, people that apparently were said that they can defeat a Fenrir and also a Dragon alone in the oldancient times。That figure of the powerful stature that is elegantly coming here, has vividly reminded me of that legend。

However his sublimeness and sensitiveness are as heavy as paper。
I will care for him。

When I patted my thighs the second time、Darius-sama lied down in front of me。
Gently placing his big chin on my thighs、he lowered his eyebrows and  is making a kyun sound。

「Thank you for your hard work。Please be relaxed okay」

I am starting the brushing on the back of his neck。Darius-sama seems to be spellbound in a state of ecstasy。
Probably since he was continuously traveling。When I gently combed the hard fur on his back、around the face, and the wire-like fur on his chin he happily released a breath out his nose。Please heal your fatigue with the brush’s massage okay。

『I am glad for you Order Leader』『Our hardships bore fruit like this didn’t they』『Even so I am so jealous……』

The doggies in the back are also deeply moved at Darius-sama’s state、and are jealously、sitting down and watching intently。
Then、 when I said「Later I will give everyone a brushing too」、they were very delighted。



And after a little while passed like that。
By the time the hair tips on the four of them were glossy、my arms were dead tired。They can’t move anymore。
Unlike DaShiba、large-sized dogs have a lot of places that needs to comb so it’s tiring。

Completely satisfied、are the happy looking Darius-sama and the others。
And finally、Darius-sama properly talked words。Nevertheless、in front of me he seems to be shy。

『Lizelotte-sama、no Master(Goshujin-sama)。Please by all means don’t cast me aside』
「I won’t do such a thing。Rather、It’s me who is being taken care of。Please kindly take care of me from now on」

He just casually switched over to calling me Master(Goshujin-sama)、but well I guess it’s fine。
The light blue eyes that are wholeheartedly staring at me。
And he rubbed his head against my stomach。

After patting all of them、when I was about to say “well then lets return together to Leonheart-sama’s place”、he returned to the dog-hut、and after rummaging around came out holding something in his mouth。I am having a bad premonition。
And becoming a human form、with his black uniform and tall lean figure、but wherever fearless handsomeness he knelt down、and reverently presented it to me。

「Master(Goshujin-sama)、I put this treasured item away hoping someday to give it to you。By all means please use it on me as well」


Here too、There Was A Red  Collar。
(TL: And… here we go again! lol) (Ed: These dogs…..)


With unfocused eyes、I hold the given collar and ask。

「……Why is the collar red I wonder」
「You say some interesting things huh」

―———With any other color、when splashed by the enemy’s blood、it would stand out so there is no other choice。

The collar in my hand、feels more and more like it’s a far away existence。




And、hyoi being held up by the collared Darius-sama、I was carried in a way that I was sitting on his left arm。(TL: O_O , he can lift a 10 years old girl with one arm?!  sure she is a bit skinny from losing a lot of weight all at once, but still!) (Ed: Pretty buff man.)

「Truthfully I want to、 in the proper way、let you straddle my back when I am in dog form but…… we can’t allow to show your feet to otherother dogspeople。Please by all means allow me to do it this way」
「No no no I can walk normally you know!?」
「If I saw Master’s (Goshujin-sama’s) tired appearance、I might just maybe end up shedding out my fur。Please、by all means let me carry you」

Circular hair removal-disease for doggies――――。
Just from imagining it I felt sorry for him and carelessly ended up nodding、but huh(are)?

Darius-sama is in a good mood carrying me who is tilting her head、and is headed towards the royal palace。

「Long ago、back when I was a puppy、I was getting carried frequently by the late king。When I get to carry Milady(you) like this、it makes me remember about those times」
「You knew my real father3 quite well didn’t you」
「Yes。I was really indebted to him a lot。Back then I was happy just by being waited upon by that side」

His light blue eyes following a memory from the distant past、appeared very calm。
「But」、he continued。

「Right now、carrying you up like this、and being together will become a happiness greater then anything。
Master(goshujin-sama)。Milady is (you are) realizing all of my wishes and desires」



As we leave the Knight-Order-Leader-room、Leonheart-sama has been lying in wait。
For some reason he is taking along step-brother behind him。

「Lizelotte-sama、I am so glad!
You came after successfully pulling out Darius-sama out of the dog-hut huh ……wait(tte)、why are you carrying Master (Goshujin-sama)!And you、that collar is」
「Fuh。With this I am also one of the Queen’s house dogs right。If it belonged only to you it wouldn’t be interesting」

Darius-sama is pridefully, boasting about the red collar that is wreathed around his own neck。
Leonheart-sama was、sullen over Darious-sama’s boasting for a moment but、just as relieved anyhow put his hand over his best-friend’s shoulder。

「From now on our master (shujin) is Lizelotte-sama。This is fine with you right」
「Indeed。For such a magnificent person to have existed in this world。I am grateful to this person。I swear that I will never become stray-dog anymore」

I was watching the pair、that are thinking back on one’s past。

「The two of them are close to each other aren’t they」
「Both of them are dukes、and it seems that they are also relatives」

Step-brother quietly told me、from my side。
Although he is being beside the Queen without permission、everyone from the guards don’t particularly heed him attention。
It appears, that ineligible speech was popular to great extent。

Rather、when I look at them that are looking here and becoming restless、
they look to me like they they thinking stuff like「Maybe I should make a careless mistake and get scolded at」。
That is similar、to the atmosphere that DaShiba had when he wanted me to give him attention、and pulled on to the tablecloth breaking the tableware on it。

(I am getting a bad premonition、from that atmosphere)
Unrelated to such anxiety、Step-brother quietly told me more information about Darius-sama。

「When Lord Wolfhound was a puppy、he was the favorite of the late king」

Darius-sama、who long ago served as my real father’s page。
It seems that he followed he everywhere, saying I love Master (Goshujin-sama)。
The dog-hut’s nameplate、was also personally written by the late king apparently。It was quite the individual handwriting。

When he passed away、the king、has apparently forbidden the grieving in sorrow dog-kins to follow him in suicide。
The king’sOwner’s orders are absolute。After the king’s death he who became all worn out, entered the dog-hut and didn’t come out it seems。
The story that Leonheart-sama desperately pulling in his mouth his best-friend that became a shut in with a「I am a stray-dog that failed to die so I won’t work anymore」and made him lose hair is famous apparently。

Until Darius-sama rose to the threat of the surrounding countries in due time、 the back and of forth with the shut-in continued――――。

(Leonheart-sama、for the sake of the country and his best-friend really went through some hardships)
I called to my mind the image of the golden colored doggy that loves to sniff my smell、lowering his eyebrows。
Though the beautiful appearance of the person himself is currently in front of my eyes。Being all earnest。

There Step brother warned me「Lize。Ever since your safety was circulated、here and there things seems to be getting excited but you see。Even just by investigating a little、this country is still very much unstable」。

「Is that so?」
「Yes、Especially it appears that ever since defeating the invaders、there are a lot of clans that ended up remembering the boiling of their blood。
The Order-leader has returned as well、so it will be good if you will formally neatly redo the order of the pack」
「The order of the pack?Like everyone from Pitbull for example?」
「No、that place is unexpectedly seems to be successfully governed by the family head。The other ones are rather the problem……」

『It’s an emergency!』

In the middle of step-brother’s talk、there is a person that came running down the corridor in a thin dog form。
When he stopped in front of us、with a『Ah、Queen!』while agitated、he changed into his human form。
He kneels down and makes a report。

「Order-Leader! Prime-minister-sama! The Rottweiler clan has raised a revolt! We request an immediate support!」
「So it’s those guys at this point……」

A rebellion!?
Me and step-brother exchange glances at each other’s face。

Leonheart-sama held his eyebrows、and Darius-sama changed back to a stern expression and confirmed again。

「The location is?」
「It’s the royal palace!At first Lizelotte-sama’s room was taken!NewFoundLand-sama is suffering from minor injuries」
「Theresa-san is!?」(TL: oh, and I thought she was just a maid sent from them) (Ed: Theresa-san is strong!)(Ed2: Theresa-san is strong!)

「Yes、 it seems that she fought the Rottweiler clan that were trying to steal Lizelotte-sama’s clothes!」
「That damn Growley。Just as I was thinking he was being obedient for a while……Understood。I will head there at once」

Darius-sama lifted me who has turned pale up、 and handed me over to Leonheart-sama。
At that moment a new messenger soldier arrived、and brought additional information。

「The head of the Rottweiler family Growley・Von・Rottweiler declared that、
『The ones to be doted upon at the Queen’s feet will be us』、and without minding who and where seems to be challenging them to a fight!
There is witnessed information coming in that he especially inflicted multiple attacks on Mars-sama in jealousy!
The Pitbull clan has joined in with great joy、but thankfully that even the Boxer clan and the Doberman clan are also participating in the war!」

「……More then a rebellion、isn’t this a brawl rather?」
「No!Something that disturbs the order of the hierarchy below the King。This is nothing but a rebellion!」

Clinging to Leonheart-sama’s head、when I unintentionally sent my gaze towards step-brother、he nods expressing a bitter smile。It seems he is of the same opinion。

The beauty clinging to me, crumbled down his lovely face for a moment, however he shortly returned to his serious look。

「Lizelotte-sama。This has become a major situation、but in the Dog-kin society that values rank this is something that rarely happens 。I will neatly put a end to to this、so go ahead and watch it from a safe place please」
「Bu- but I have to stop the quarrel!」
「You should not。Until this reaches to a conclusion between the dogs、please watch over it as the master (nushi)。Darius-sama will neatly、bring this to a conclusion」

As Leonheart-sama said that、Daruius-sama started making cracking sounds with both hands。
The three officers awaiting in the back also express a belligerent smile、and are starting the preparations for battle。



Darius-sama was there、hitting his fist against the palm of the other hand。

「In this groupcountry、the dog that should be serving at the Queen’s feet、is me」

His transparent eyes are wherever filled to the brim with a cold-hearted color、and  there isn’t any expression on his face at all。

「You Loser-dogs。I shall make you realize this truth until the marrow of your bones」

Wearing the black military uniform perfectly、he began walking gallantly。Where he is headed is surely the place where the bloody conflict is taking place、deep inside the royal palace。

「The one who can be spoiled, play jokes, and smell Master’s (Goshujin-sama’s) feet、is me!」


I don’t need that last one。

Completely don’t need。


I stopped my eyes、and was carried down the corridor。


  1.  In this case “proposal” is not a marriage proposal but a recommendation or an opinion, in other words he is proposing an idea. so no he is not a lolicon gentleman……was what I though of writing but then I saw the next line so it got awkward. 
  2.  hai? 
  3.  chichi – a very formal way to say father. only nobles use this form and only in formal places. any other use is considered abnormal. in this case it’s because while being her father he was also a king and she never met him. plus she is using keigo (polite Japanese) a lot. 

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