Mad Dogs Queen – Ch 8

TL corner:

I am testing out a new way for releasing chapters- the actual chapter is in a link below leading to a page instead of a post. Tell me what you think about it and whether I should keep it that way or return to using posts.

Another thing is that at the time of posting this chapter it was still only around 55~60% edited. The slower progress is because my old editor quit because of RL (studying) and I needed a few days to find my new one that took over, she is also a little busy at the moment but will resume editing as soon as she is free. 

Changes made during this chapter:

1. OK, up until now I thought the word – [駄犬] – “Daken” – that was used to describe Dashiba, was referring to mongrel, but it can also mean a mutt or a cur. But since he became one and was not born like that it seems like I was wrong, So I am switching to mutt. The difference between the two is that mongrels are half-breeds and any dogs that are not pure-bred, while mutt is a word that refers to the lowest class of dogs.

2. Instead of translating sounds and such I left them as it is. for example a dog’s barking sound: Wan

3. I might change Darius’s title from “Order-leader” to ‘Knight-captain”.   

4. I changed “clan” into “family” because they are nobles.


Translator: Darklain0725

Editor1: Grannyfoodie

Editor2: Jayzeeq

Here is the chapter: ENJOY!

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