Mad Dogs Queen – Ch 5

<< Previous Table of Contents Next >>   Hi guys, Forgot to mention last chapter- Please welcome the new Editor for "Queen of the mad dogs knights", Grannyfoodie. OK, Here is some changes I am making to the translation : 1. I am changing 'BaShiba' into 'Dashiba' since it has no real meaning other then …

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Mad Dogs Queen- Ch 4

<< Previous Table of Contents Next >> Sorry for the delay in release, my Editor was busy with his Finals and I was stuck in a mental slump (partially because WordPress was giving me problems, like deleting my work when I tried to access the draft from my mobile, reverting to earlier versions, etc) and …

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Looking for an Editor/Proofreader- ‘II’- MDQ

Hey, so I got bad news, and some psuedo-good news : The bad news is my Current/ex Editor in charge of 'Mad dogs Queen' has decided to quit. It wasn't anything personal nor there were any communication problems, it's just that he got too busy and became unable to handle both his translation projects and …

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