Mad Dogs Queen – Ch 8

TL corner: I am testing out a new way for releasing chapters- the actual chapter is in a link below leading to a page instead of a post. Tell me what you think about it and whether I should keep it that way or return to using posts. Another thing is that at the time …

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Mad Dogs Queen – Ch 7

<< Previous Table of Contents Next >> TL corner: I am very very sorry for the delay in the release of today's chapter, I had unexpected problems that made me busy in RL, and didn't allow me to have access to my WordPress or computer, thus prolonging my translation work. Btw I have one question …

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Looking for an Editor/Proofreader- ‘II’- MDQ

Hey, so I got bad news, and some psuedo-good news : The bad news is my Current/ex Editor in charge of 'Mad dogs Queen' has decided to quit. It wasn't anything personal nor there were any communication problems, it's just that he got too busy and became unable to handle both his translation projects and …

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