The 8th story – Isn’t it fine if he is a mutt。Isn’t it fine to be a mutt。( by Lizelotte)

The scene of the crime is the garden of the royal family ―— Dog Run Court
The victim Dashiba、is held by the thick meat and skin on his back、and is being softly hanged from them。

The culprit is the Rottweiler family。

However、none of the surrounding people on site try to condemn the culprit。
Rather they all got completely excited and are barking at him、

Do itKill him him、Rottweiler!』『Strangle him! Rottweiler!』『Bite him to death! Rottweiler』『Pluck out his fur! Rottweiler!』。

What a false trial!
Even though、Dashiba is simply just a very hopeless child!

Among the barkings、voices such as『Guilty!』『The death sentence!』『The nail-clipping sentence!』are also mixed in。

Being the Central Knights Order Leaderposition of supervision、Darius-sama the super large dog unhesitatingly put out his front leg and approached Growley-sama。

『Stop this、Rottweiler。Are you committing these actions while being aware that is Lizelotte-sama’s pet dog?』

「Pet dog? As if this thing can be considered a proper dog。
The brushing that even you earned after doing one continent worth of work、this guy is being given it without doing anything。
I wonder can you really stand looking at、this guy’s appearance as he is being served upon by the Queen everyday?
――――I am only going to put this one in his own place you know」

『………………Barking at a weaker dog shows just what kind of a dog you are as a person 1

There was a little pause there。

「Humph。A man that uses weakness as an excuse needs to go retrain himself over again。First I will have him grovel down on his hands and knees on the ground by our fangs。Anyway even if I don’t do it look at this outward appearance。Sooner or later、he will get obliterated by the over-serious Shiba family that are doing a job on the other continent。It will be the same if he dies now right?」

The Shiba family。First time I heard of them。
There was even a family that possesses the appearance of a Shiba dog。
Certainly…… this could be a very grave problem for the Shiba family。

But、Dashiba is really just a dog。
One that I failed in disciplining and became a mutt、just a Bean-Shiba!

Please look。
He is so afraid he pissed himself。
However even more then that、isn’t he just hanging his mouth open because he can’t understand all the anger around him!

(How could I get them、to understand me)
The women camp、starts to meddle with me who was having a difficult look on my face。

「Lizelotte-sama。More importantly、look。」
「I tried attaching generously a lot of violet lace ribbons。The physique that is in fashion right now is also in highlight」
「You are so adorable。Next let’s try this ribbon too……」

My head was gradually starting to feel heavier。
But、it is of no importance for me right now。
Theresa-san is being worried about me、but I cannot seem to find a solution。

While I was worried more and more、Mars-sama was walking over on top of the court、while protecting his injured hind-foot。
While looking up at Growley-sama he uttered。

『I apologize、but the mutt is also my guarding target。Could you not do unnecessary things?』
「You sure talk big、shorty。Even though you just lost to me earlier」
『Don’t make light of me just because I am small Okay! Acting so self-importantly only because you are big。This is my mission you know!』
「But those are the Prime minister’s orders aren’t they。I have no intention to listening to the orders of anyone besides those who won against me、and the Queen’s」
『Then listen to what Darius-san says!』
『Because I have not fought with him directly! Today he is unrelated!』
『Then Sir Pitbull is……!』

Mars-sama turns around to look at Barbarian-sama。
He has rolled himself into a ball next to Maso-sama under the tree。

Placing his chin on his front foot said、
『A Dog? That is a piglet right? I don’t have the obligation to save feed』
Almost as if he doesn’t have any intention to listen。

The rising call of『strangle the cur』。

(……Jeez、I can’t stand this anymore!!)
I rushed out of the room with the sunroom

「Please wait!」

Dodging Theresa-san and the others at the door、I plunge into the invaded bedroom。
Although it was cleaned up、the canopy and the bed sheets were tattered with fang marks and drool。
I cannot let them make my dog look like this。

Stepping out to the balcony、I climbed on to the balcony’s veranda。
And then、clinging to the pillar headed towards the ground、I am slide down。


A voice was heard from the female camp that had turned into a state of panic。
Reacting to the voice、the Dog-kins in the Dog Run Court noticed me and fell into panic。

『Lizelotte-sama will fall down!』
『Help the Queen!』
『Somebody、bring a mat!』

Wan Wan Wan Wan Wan!!2

A whole lot of doggies are rushing for the balcony。
Even Growley-sama threw away what he was holding and came running。

I must have them listen to my opinion。
Even if I go down like this、I get the feeling that it will end with me being crushed by all the fur。

While tearing my skirt、I clang to the pillar shouted。



What a splendid coordination! Everyone waved their tails and sat down。

……Now there is some quiet。
All that’s left is to come down。

Thinking like that、I looked down。

――――It’s too high。

I am not Acrophobic、but this is way over the acceptable range。
If I am not mistaken、wasn’t this the 4th floor?
My vision is blurring、my arms and legs freeze、and a cold sweat is starting to flow。


Leonheart-sama was taking a human form and running up to me。
Opening both of his arms he tries to pick me up、but in an instant I ended up giving to him a「Sit!」order  as well。
The beauty is sitting in a seiza。His sitting appearance is also beautiful。

Now、there is nothing I can do here but to climb。
「Everyone please don’t move!」While still holding on with the appearance of a cicada、I got angry at them。

By the way I cannot move either。

「Everyone、what exactly are you doing to my dog!」
「……”What” you ask、we are just establishing the order(nanode gozaimasu)

Growley-sama who is weakly objecting、was doing a Dogeza3
Looks like that Nice Middle-san is somewhat aware he did something bad。

「Can you hear me? Bullying the weak is bad。Please look at his appearance」

When I pointed with my chin Since I couldn’t use my arms and legs、their eyes gather、on the Shiba lying down idly about and doing a「Surrender pose」beside the water fountain。

「You shouldn’t bully a dog who surrendered!」

『It’s also possible he is pretending to surrender、and is making a fool out of us you know?
To begin with a Kingowner that won’t let dogs fight among themselves until they are satisfied、don’t you think his favoritism is terrible?
The other noble dogs watching it will be hurt thinking they are not being loved、you know?
Furthermore the dog who was favored、the fact that it will remain useless and can’t even fight with other dogs、don’t you think it is the negligence of the Kingowner?』

I object Barbarian-sama’s cynicism「In the end isn’t that is only one aspect of the Dog-kin」。

「I have heard that long ago、there was a more varied assessment」

Merely a few decades ago。
Back in the days when there were a lot of royalties、there were apparently a lot of varied fields and combinations of royalty with a doggy who liked those fields。Ranking order fixes like this one、were also taking place divided by many genres、and not only by fighting。

A festival where all kinds of skills and talents compete against each other、the【Heavenly Dog competition tournamentDog show】。
Those became the norm、or so I heard。

「There are those who shine as battle-dogs、as well as people who are active as rescue-dogs。
It is obvious that there are all kinds of professions such as business-dogs、and caring dogs for healing and babysitting dogs。If there are not enough royalty、then I will come see all of everybody’s efforts myself。I will praise and scold you more、so please don’t narrow down your worth to your strength alone。
…… Sir Rottweiler」

Listening to my words、Growley-sama raises his face。

「You don’t need to think that you can’t get close to me unless you win and advance with your power。I don’t have any intentions of refusing a Dog-kinDoggie、at any time。Please have some confidence in yourself」

He is being moved to tears。

Here、I tell them something that will be the most painful thing for them to hear。

「―-――If you say that even then he will still be envied。Then I will create the【Mutt Category】」

Upon seeing their eyes open widely、I continue「That’s right、the【Mutt Category】」。

「I will now convey the ideals of being a Mutt。
First is not picking a fight with anyone。Being nervous。Being useless。Not barking at the owner but also not barking at a thief。Frequently pissing oneself。Always surrendering。Being good at exposing your stomach。Not being able to do Hand・Sit・Go get it。As well as being so stupid that you can’t remember a single thing that was said to you and constantly demanding jerky」

As I recite examples of Dashiba’s characteristics one by one、everyone’s face gradually started to turn pale。
It looks like they didn’t think it could be that bad。

The said person himself、tired of the surrendering pose、has started nodding off in that shape。

That’s right。
I also noticed something。

The ideals of the Dog-kin nobles is a【capable】doggie。
Even Pitbull has the ideals of being【capable】in battle。

That’s exactly why、no matter which nobledoggie is it、they cannot act like a mutt at all。

「Moreover、it will be the best if it’s a dog, that when there is some kind of trouble, hides behind his owner for protection」

Ah、just now a few of them collapsed from anemia due to the shock。
The Emergency Aid unit is recovering them。
They are not even minding my speech、their work-awareness is truly wonderful。

And at last、 I could feel that the power in my thighs and arms is at its limits。
Clinging to the pillar is、already……。

「To all of the lovely Dog-kins。To all of the capable Dog-kins。All of the Dog-kins who are doing their best、I respect them and I love them。The royal family most likely loved all of you guys。
However、I、Lizelotte・Mona・Bewdeger、loves even mutts!」

I yell。

I have failed in disciplining my pet dog。
However, a Bad Shiba、is a Bad Shiba。There are times that I find him irritating from the bottom of my heart、but I am fine with it。
I have decided that I will protect this child。

Isn’t it fine to be a mutt!
Isn’t a mutt good too!

……My child、isn’t it fine if he’s a mutt!

The Mutt-society of this world、all of them think exactly like that!

「If you say you are going to be jealous and attack Dashiba、then go and become a mutt! I will cherish you together。As a hopeless child、just like Dashiba!」

sliding noises、my hands slipped。
My body is being pulled down by the gravity 。

「「Wan!」」「Lizelotte-sama!」「My Master!」

When the Dog-kins, Leonheart-sama and the others try to catch me、a gust of wind comes and holds me in its mouth by my nape。
After it lowered me softly to the ground、it respectfully humbled itself to me who was covered up 。

It’s Mazo・Von・Borzoi-sama。
He fixedly stares at me with a leisurely graceful appearance。

「Thank you very……」
『Lizelotte-sama。Now、if you are going to be grateful, then please lower your hips on me。I am fine with an abuse as thanks as well』
『Maybe are you uneasy about me being a chair with this figure? If that’s so then』

He turned into a pretty young man、so beautiful that he even overshadowed the moon。
He has loosely waved flax-colored hair、and flax-colored eyes。His attire is also a fluttery elegant clothing、instead of a military uniform。
And with a listless expression on his dainty, beautiful face、throws his slim body on the ground and rounds it up into a ball。

「Like this、the sitting area is also wider and relaxing」


「You must not get any closer to this guy!」

Leanheart-sama closely embraced me、pushing aside Mazo-sama who was saying “come!”。
I ended up accidentally clinging to Leonheart-sama。

And after making a promise to the complaining Mazo-sama that I will step on him at another day 、I brought this situation to an end。
In the back、the others from the Borzoi family are petitioning with crying voices『Please don’t think that this is everything that there is to the Borzoi! Please、we really beg of you』。

Yes、it must be so。
I sent them a smile、filled with sympathy and mercy。

Starting with Darius-sama and Mars-sama、everyone from the Mad Dogs Knight Order are leading the doggies that are in a daze from stupefaction、and are moving them to the relief facility。The seriously ill ones、have later launched the DOSD(Mutt is terrible symptoms brigade)4、and it looks like they require some time to recover。
On the other hand、Theresa-san and the others have also come down、bringing to this scene a gorgeous ambiance。

Growley-sama and company have turned into their dog forms and are coming over here to my location。

『For doing such a grave thing this time、I am extremely sorry……』

Besides Growley-sama、the clan heads of Boxer and Doberman have also sat down and lowered their heads。
It’s the pose for remorse。They are checking out the color of my face in intervals from below。

Today was really such a terrible uproar。
However、 the cause for today was, until the end the loneliness from not being cared about by a royalty。
From now on as their QueenOwner、I have to properly look at them、praise them、scold them、and order them。

I say to them who are dejected。

「Have you reflected on your action? You won’t be going on a rampage anymore?」
「From now on、can you consider Dashiba as outside the norms and a special case to the rules of the Dog-kin?」
『Yes、that is a different living thing from a Dog-kin。I was an idiot for thinking of seriously doing any kind of comparison』
「Thank you。As long as you understand」

Suddenly、I thought of something at the top of my head。
I pull out one of the ribbons that are fixing my hair into place。

「Growley-sama、please lend me your neck」
『Like this?』
「That’s right。Alright、something like this」

I knelt down on my knees and tied the violet ribbon in a butterfly-tie around Groley-sama’s neck。
He blinked in surprise and timidly touched the ribbon around his neck with his front foot。

『Thi、This is……!』
「I don’t have a collar on me at the moment、but if having one means it will calm you down、then I will hand this over to you right now。
――――Could I ask of you to be patient for now?」

「Lizelotte-sams’s !」、Grolwy-sama was being very deeply moved。
After I tied one to the other two as well、they were spilling tears of joy。

To the others who also wanted one、I told them that I will prepare a collar for them at a later date、but they said that「Lizelotte-sama’s ribbon will be sufficient!」。

「I am thinking that I want to live in this country from now on too。That’s why when you fee lonely、look at this ribbon so that you won’t go on a rampage okay?」

They promised、and took human forms 。


While it was my own doing、I received a lot of damage。5

Because、I was only seeing them in their dog forms today you know!
……I was carelessly forgetting the fact、that there are more Nobledoggie family heads whose age is on the higher side。

……Now then after regaining a grip on my mind。
I call out to the muscular middle sized dog、who is watching with a smirk under the tree。

「Barbarian-sama too、come over here for a minute」
『Humph、do you mean you are going to give one to me too? You sure are one weird Queen。You are really made from some naive stuff』

For him who was walking over as if he was looking down on me、I pulled out from my head my special epithetical lace ribbon。
And then、

「You、are gonna be like this!」

I tied Barbarian-sama’s mouth with the lace ribbon。

Meaning it’s a muzzle。
For the first on the list of the doggies that bully even dogs who surrendered、a nuzzle is necessary!

It looks like even for Barbarian-sama something like was outside his expectation、so he started to stay in bed from spite and sulk。
Grace-sama who saw this、was holding her stomach and laughing at the rare appearance of her husband。

The sulking head of the Pitbull clan skipped the finals match with Darius-sama、and in the end Darius-sama became first place。

Darius・Von・Wolfhound-sama could protect his seat as the Knight-Captain of the Central Knights Order、as well as his position as the actual leader of the Dog-kins、all of them。

And now、in my new bedroom。
For some reason、the super large dog is grinding my feet。
While saying『With this the position of the true pet dog is mine』。

It looks like he loves people’s feet。
And with his work entirely gone、he started to show the power of a shut-in dog。Without even turning into a human、he is being supirsingly quite the spoiled child。
To that、Leonheart-sama who sometimes shows his face says「So unfair」which then turns into a fight。

Naturally Mars-sama got mad because he can’t do his job like this、but after being told by Darius-sama that he will hand over the position of being「The Queen’s personal Guard-Dog」to him、he reluctantly stepped back。Is he really fine with that?

And、the Mutt in question。
During this uproar、he was so bored that he ate some grass lying around and filled his stomach and then he lay down to sleep。
To him today was a disturbance concerning his life、but it looks like after a little while he already forgot about it。
Bad Shiba……。

It’s a bit redundant but from that day on、a new family name was given to Dashiba。
『Da・Shiba』。Also known as、the Dashiba family。

It was a title given to him by the Shiba family、which are staying on the conquered continent。
The point was「Do not put us as the same as him」。I understand。

And like that、the uproar of the doggies wanting to be cared about in the royal palace came to an end。
And my studies as a royal have started to get serious too。

Step-brother was seen by Leonheart-sama as having potential for his black-belly and his smart head、and he is learning various things as his page。
I also cannot afford to lose。My days are full of reading books and asking questions of my home tutor。

Just then。
The messenger of the Empire、the largest country on the continent, has arrived。

  1. Normally this sentence is supposed to go: “shows just what kind of a human you are as a person” but the author replaced the word for “human” with the word for “dog”. 
  2. A Japanese sound effects for dogs barking. 
  3. Dogeza: a Japanese stature of prostrating oneself before someone more superior or when making a deep apology. 
  4. The original pronunciation in Japanese was “Daken Osoroshi Shoku Gun”. 
  5. By damage, she meant mental shock or a hit to her spirits. It’s a Japanese slang from net-games, LN, WN, Manga, and anime. Usually, it means the person who took the damage saw a comical but awful picture (like cosplaying old men for example). 
  6. a Muffled voice from a blocked mouth. 

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