The 9th story – Let’s do some work Knight-Captain ( by Tossa)

I learned of it only recently but、this country―――― it appears that it is being called the mad dog state by the surrounding countries。
Just what did you do to them Darius-sama。




Everyone from the Malamute and Husky families that produced many famous craftsmen、have built me my own personal throne。
It is a bit small but it’s a beautiful chair、with a tall back and dainty ornaments。
Of course、my feet can reach the floor。

After seeing it a certain Captain raised a scream that「It leaves no place to be stepped on」、but I ignored him with a smile。

As I quietly sit on the specially-made chair that is within the throne room、the Prime Minister and the Knight Captain are awaiting on both sides。
I am getting nervous about my first official public business。

It is because soon、the messenger of the greatest country on the continent、the Lumania・Dragonia Empire――――moreover a Duke-sama who is the younger brother of the emperor is coming。


Apparently、 there are three patterns to the relationships between our country and the nations around it。
One is countries with whom a dispute occurs with them from time to time because their territories come into contact with ours。The Empire is among those。
Another includes countries that while we have diplomatic relations with them、we have little trade and personal exchanges with each other。It seems that、there is mutual disinterest between this country and my-pace countries like that of the Cat-kin country。
The last one……is a quite troublesome one、it involves countries that are mainstreaming pure-human supremacy teachings。

In the Lumania continent、there are a lot of countries of humans who can turn into animals/take the shapes of animals、but a very long time ago on the occasion when mankind were immigrating、a lot of pure-humans were also present。They were folk who for various reasons、could not stay in the old continent。

It would have been for the best、if they could have gotten along in the new land as fellow immigrants。
However、those people brought with them the「Pure-Human supremacy teachings」into the continent。

The Pure-Human teachings deem people who don’t possess an animal form as superior、and consider all other humans then them as inferior。
The neighboring main nation―――― the Humanism kingdom is colored especially deeply by it、and during that last battle1 they were the vanguard and tried to overrun this country 。

The Empire is a multi-racial nation。
Fortunetly there aren’t a lot of people there who fanatically believe in the pure-human spremacy teachings、and it looks like they just participated in the war due to their greed for territory。
Though even just that is enough of a bother。
According to Leonheart-sam apparently they are an「Easy country to get along with since their objective is simple」。

The name of the Duke-sama who is the most-prominent diplomat even among a simple country like that、and an appreciative friend of Leonheart-sama、 is  Foucault・Lindbrun・Hynewell-sama。
I was showed an eleborate painting of him、and he was a gentlemen of very good class。
In some ways、he resembles my father。




Now then、in the throne room that the Duke Hynewell-sama has entered、along both sides of the red carpet、are the 1st Division of the Central knights order as well as the Captains of each Division。
The appearance of them standing in a row from the door to the throne、is a magnificent view。

The Central Knights order’s 1st Division has also a second name、The Konoe Division。
They not only play an active role、they are also a gathering of those who have a nice appearance and pedigree、referred to as the Elite。They are people who have an even stronger「Mad Dog」factor、then the other Divisions who came to save me。

Standing especially close to the throne、are the acting captain of the 1st Division and Vice-Captain、Ryouma・Von・Tosaa-sama。And likewise Vice-Captains Hachi・Von・Akita-sama and Yoshimune・Von・Kishuu-sama。Though the two in the back have resembling facial features、Hachi-sama is a man with a solidly built muscles and a large build、while Yoshimune-sama has a medium build of average height and a refreshing face。[^2]
When I had a conversation with them、they were gentleman of calm and good manners、however it seems that according to rumors they are being called 「The Ogre Japanese dogs」。They don’t seem like that at all though……。

The military uniform of the Kennel Kingdom、is an exact fit one in black with silver lines flowing into it。
There are a lot of wear boots on the field、but here they are lining/lined up wearing shining/sparkling leather shoes。

And…… Everyone is wearing a collar on their necks……。


It is very……very unfortunate、but I had to distribute a ribbon to everyone in the knights-order。
A violet race ribbon on their necks。
When placed together with the military uniform、they clash with each other so much it’s harsh on the eyes。

The damage coming from my field of vision was so awful、I had collars for outside-use prepared for them、formally。
While also adding「If you buy one you like I will put it on for you」。

As a result in the Central Knight Order that has eight Divisions in it、it came to be that the collars change according to class。
Captain class are red。Vice-Captain class are black。And、all the others are in color with a black tea like impression。

They ended up becoming something that reflects the Division’s characteristics/traits according to Division even more、but right now I won’t mention them。I worked on placing them on their necks one by one while looking into the distance。
Feeling a fatigue like my soul is being whittle down each time I place one、to the point that I was bedridden for a long time after that。




The Duke-sama、who is heading this way、feeling drawn back from the overwhelming view。
……I really can’t apologize to him enough。
I think that the road of collared doggies overflowing with「If you do something weird to the Queen we will bite you to death」bloodlust、is surely tough on him。

And then the Duke that has reached the throne looks at me、and is even more perplexed。

……Of course he will be perplexed。
A collared beauty and a handsome man、are neatly waiting upon a tiny little girl after all。
Darius-sama is sticking close to me in particularly。Leonheart-sama is constraining Darius-sama、telling him「It’s envious so stop it」。

No matter how you look at it they are men with “that” kind of preference。Or a child with “that” kind preference。[^3]
No。If he sees collared doggies、I will be the first one to be suspected!

I became embarrassed and warned the two of them。

「Leonheart-sama、Darius-sama。Right now there is an audience。Please get away from me for a little while」
「Ah、I am very sorry」

Leonheart-sama slowly and quietly moved away、but Darius-sama resisted。
He turned into his dog form and is waiting upon me under my feet。

『Now There is no problem。Because I am the Queen’s dog after all』making himself clear he is acting spoiled by my leg。
When I instinctively hit his head、「What a luxury」from somewhere unknown there was a person who released bloodlust towards Darius-sama。Of courseI do not intend to confirm it’s origin。

Leonheart-sama knows the behavior of that best friend of his very well、so he is indifferently dealing with the Duke-sama。

However、I happened to see it。
That he stealthy stomped on Darius-sama’s tail with all his might。



Even with such exchange going on、the Duke-sama is a pro as expected。
He immediately restored his peace of mind(pretended nothing happened)、and gave me his greetings。

「I am deeply grateful、 for allowing me to have an audience with her Highness Lizelotte」

That’s how it was。
As I was not enthroned yet my title is「Her Highness」。All of the surrounding people were saying「My Queen」、so I completely forgot about it。
Duke-sama’s important matter、was congratulations for me being taken into protection and also one more thing。

「It’s about Dragonia―――― the continent that Kennel Kingdom declared to possess」

He came to voice an objection to our ownership right over the continent、that Darius-sama happened to conquer。
He was even arbitrarily giving it a name on his own。




I certainly requested of Darius-sama to「Please give back」 the continent。
However、when we started preparing for transferring the sovereignty to the natives before、we were met with a large opposition。「Are you going to abandon us like this?」。

At the「End of the century」that was taking place on continent almost all of the countries perished、and the countries that won and remained didn’t have the reserve power or money to support many people。Human nature was stormy、and the humans that became few were scrambling for resources、I heard it was that kind of a world。

The 1st Division of the Central Knights order who embarked there at that time。
Above all I heard that the active role played by Darius-sama was on the level of legends、and that his gallant figure was being revered as the「Supreme ruler of the end of the century」。But for the sake of Darius-sama who disliked that name、the citizens call him「Esteemed Dog-sama」。

About the present condition of that continent however。
According to the report of the Shiba family who were good at domestic affairs、「For the sake of regaining self-reliance and recovery、support・management for the next 50 years is needed」。

Also、an appeal has arrived for me、who was thinking of turning one of the capable locals into the king。

It is the letter of a six years old boy who lives in the continent。From the written words、 his earnest feeling are being spelled out with the letters of this country which he studied with all he got。
Step-brother picked it out from among the mountain of appeals、while saying this one is good。


『 Dear Liーzelotte-sama 

I am living in the Liーzelotte capital of the Liーzelotte kingdom in the Liーzelotte continent。
Up until now every day was full of only war and people who were screaming「Clean up the Filth」but thanks to the great dogs-sama and Darius-sama I can eat to my fill and I live with my little sister and brother in peace。
Please don’t leave the continent。Please protect us forever/always。
Also the Shiba Vice-Captain is cute so leave him over here please。
Pretty please。    Kind regards

I drew the Goddess Liーzelotte-sama、together with my siblings 』


At the end of the letter、there was a「heno heno face☆」drawing of the Liselotte god from the temples that are being erected one after another because of Darius-sama。

There is so much to retort to I can’t say anything。
At the same time、I wonder if maybe my name is strangely appearing too much。

……Nevertheless、the feeling of the child who wrote the letter were transmitted to me。
I also know well the adversity of hunger。

After reading this letter I changed my mind、 if it means that the public safety and food situation will improve over there、then it might be better for this continue for a little while。

And then、I called for Darius-sama。
I got angry at him who came running with his tail swinging「Don’t scatter my name all over the place please」。
―————For a while、he wouldn’t come out of the dog-house again。

The name change has yet to establish itself everywhere in the continent。
There are overwhelmingly not enough dog-kin to govern。
A report that the Shiba family who are overly serious and the opposite of Dashiba、are on the verge of collapsing from overwork at any moment now is flowing in、but apparently all of the dog-kin are saying「I want to be near the Queen and to sniff her smell」and are unwilling to move away。

……Maybe I should have given them an order already。
Or maybe、I should have scolded Darius-sama more。




Now then、returning to the story。
The Empire――――Dragonia Empire’s intention is simple。
Hand over the concessions to the continent、otherwise we won’t acknowledge your rule of it。
Of course if we can wedge themselves into an advantage even a little、someday we will claim the ownership rights over it though、that is the gist of it。

Leonheart-sama answers while touching his collar。

「You sure say some strange things。The ones to discover that continent were us。Moreover the ones to bring together the citizens and neatly took control over it were also us。The Empire’s side、doesn’t have any right at all to say this and that」

To the Prime-minister who decisively refused him、the Duke-sama smiled with a grin、and made a false accusation。
「You see the Empire’s side have records。In the ancient books that【Over sea on the west side of the empire there is a continent、and Dragonia citizens lived there】。Therefore、we also have a little right to it」

The records held in books are things that、 the older they are the more suspicious they become。
Especially if the Royal family edited it、then it only serves to assert the Royal family’s legitimacy、and if it was written in unofficially than it’s gossipiness increases。In the end if it’s impossible to verify the truth、then the records don’t hold any meaning。

The space of the throne is filled with the killing intent of the soldiers。

Leonheart-sama is speechlessly looking at the Duke-sama、but he doesn’t seem to realize just how silly is the thing he is saying。
He shrugged his shoulder and joked around。

「…… Or at least、that was what my elder brother was saying。The cabinet ministers are frantically holding him back though」
「 Foucault-dono」

When Leonheart-sama criticized him、Duke-sama continues to say「Because it is something we can’t write down in the next diplomatic document、we would like you to understand our real intention and public position」、

「I wanted to convey that、 we do have any intention of being hostile towards this country that is endowed with all of you Mad Dogs」

And、with a serious look in his eyes stared at my face。

「I would like for Your Highness to also consider the internal state of affairs in the empire」

The duke-sama very deeply bowed down putting his hand in front of him。
It seems that his personal aim was、to judge the human that is me with his eyes、and to form precautions for the sake of not poorly stimulating the revived Dog-kin nation。

I am learning about the internal affairs in the empire from my private tutor。
The empire has become over-populated、and is in the constant need of more land。For example the discovery of the continent、was the center of attention for this country most of all、and there are many among the populace who hold hope for immigrating there。Thus the emperor、is having difficulties with suppressing the excitement of the public。

(Even so、the Duke-sama is looking similar to Father even in his behavior)

The Duke-sama who is speaking in a slightly joking matter、is looking more and more like my father。

Even that part of him、I don’t know whether he is acting based on his research of my personal history。

Even so I don’t mind。
It’s not like I want to have a conflict either。
I sent a look at Leonheart-sama and finally opened my mouth。

「I wish for peace。It’s probably for the best if this can be resolved without a fight。About the matter of the continent、please run it through the Prime-minister and the civil officials」

Duke-sama bowed down again while still expressing a smile、and the audience has ended safely。




「Well、It’s that。It means the empire is taking regulations over that old man while he is here」

Step-brother tells me of the real state of affairs within the empire。
While the politics in the empire are moving with the emperor in the center、the duke-sama is the one responsible for diplomacy。Due to his abilities、the past alignment of territory expansion was stopped、and he is striving towards stability inside the empires’ land。
Although because they couldn’t control the public opinion、they ended up joinig the the Humanist kingdom during the previous war、however they splendidly put together the end of the war。Ending the war、is exactly what political ability is essential for。
He also appropriately controlled the reparation money for our country。

On the other hand、The Humanist Kingdom was leading the vanguard not only had a lot of casualties、but also had to pay an appropriate amount of reparation money。The reason why we didn’t take any territory was simple、and according to Leonheart-sama it was「Because we don’t need any land that has pure-human supremacy faction living in it」。

The empire’s visit、ended with just that matter and the promise of「attending the crowning ceremony taking place in the near future、as well as the signing of a nonaggression treaty in the name of Queen afterwards」。
The matter about the continent、was skilfully brought to the negotiations after the signing of the treaty。
I am thinking that、politicians sure are amazing people through and through。




And the Golden dog that is receiving a brushing and making a happy-looking face、is also supposed to be a tactful politician。
Right now as thanks for safely putting in order the negotiations、I am applying the WAN-WAN Brush to Leonheart-sama、on top of the carpet in my room。

『This is happiness…… I won’t regret it even if I die here and now』
「That’s not good。Please regret it」
『Ah、Master(Goshujin-sama)! Me next please!』
「Yes Yes、I got it」

I also promise a brushing to Mars-sama、who has lifted his front leg for a while now。
Darius-sama has also lifted his front paw、but since at the throne room he skipped the diplomacy he isn’t good at、he is getting the silent treatment。He left the room while hanging his tail despondently。
Please reflect on your actions。

Dashiba is following the super large dog、while lifting his tail。
……Apparently 、it seems that he is happy that there is a dog who seems to be even more hopeless than him、so he is trying to put up a senior face。

Dashiba’s small fry senses、are not to be underestimated。

He has been abandoned by the Shiba family 、but actually for the reason that as fellow Japanese dogs they can’t stand to watch him anymore、 talks about dog training has been coming from the Akita family and Kishuu Family。These are the houses of the two vice-captains from the 1st Division aren’t they。

(Well then、will it be okay if I leave Dashiba in their care……)

I sent off the retreating figure of my pet dog、who is gung ho about walking in front of the super large dog and begins to half run、but becomes desperate because he can’t catch up。

I can hear step-brother’s advice「 Ain’t it better if ya stopped him?」、coming from behind。




The empire、has made contact with the next queen of the mad dogs nation ―――― This story has quickly spread into the other countries。
Countless envoys have come seeking an audience with me、but in the end the only one I met directly was the one from the empire。
It is proof that the empire holds that much power。

There are many places that happy that the Dog-kin of the Kennel kingdom have settled down、and we were able to have friendly negotiations with most nations。
We put in place some appropriate distance with the neutral countries and also somewhat with the friendly ones。

However、there is one nation。
That is turning their anger towards us and are refusing to come to the negotiations。
It is the kingdom next to us。

No、the negotiations are something they brought up 。
However they said to「Bring Lizelotte-sama over here and make her greet us」。
Because religiously we are the ones【Above】you、or so they said。

In the end that is only the way of thinking of a fanatic nation、and not our way of thought。
Going even further、their peculiar common sense is greatly removed from the shared common sense of the whole continent。

Obviously、there is no way the Dog-kins would agree to it。
Leonheart-sama is being silently angry after all、and Darius-sama is swinging his military boots in bad mood while reading the rude letter。

But the kingdom was hit by Darius-sama、and their national power is drastically dropping。
We though they won’t make a careless move but……。



During the incident after that、I learned that madmen are beings that often do things that can’t be predicted。

And I learned that mad dogs are―――― beings that are often mutts。

  1. The battle mentioned here is probably the one that happened during the time this country had no king and Darius had to come out of his shut-in life to stop.  
  2. As you might have noticed most of the first or last names of the people from the First Division have Japanese influence in them. 
  3. By “that” I think he means SM-play, or dog-play. At first, I thought he meant lolicons and an older-men lover, but then I remembered the collars. 
  4. This is suppose to be some sort of fusion between the omnitopia for a dog’s bark in Japanese and the word “Un” – yeah in Japanese. I have no idea how to make this work 

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