Hi, nice to meet ya! really! you don’t know me? of course not, that’s what this post is for!

Hello people of the internet

I am Darklain0725 but you can just call me Dark or Darklain, whatever you want…but not Klain ok? ok?! ok! OK!!!

I was born 25.12.1997, and today is 14/7/2017, for those who are too lazy to do the math (yeah yeah I understand the feeling so no glaring) that means that today I am 19 years 6 months and 19 days old.

I live in Israel, so of course one of  my main languages is Hebrew and it’s gonna be one of the many languages hosted in this Site.

As you can infer from the name, this is mainly a translation blog

My main targets are Web and Light novels and sometimes I am also gonna do some extra literature (like my debut work – codex alera I am translating to hebrew on right now).

My translations are not always from jap-eng, sometime I will translate eng literature into hebrew and vice-versa.

But…there is one problem.

As much as I would love to do this everyday I am currently working in a “live-in job” from Sunday till  mid-Thursday so I can translate and post mostly only on weekends.

As such, I decided to do what anyone else will do in my place – get some “HELP”!

And so I invite you guys who wants to post their own original stories, or translate their favorite novel that got dropped, or editors who would like to help these authors in their grueling quest (believe me – they need it), or just want to work as translators to what ever project they want to pick up…

unfortunately I don’t have the funding right now to pay translators and editors so later on I will add a donation option to each author /translator/editor, and also each month all the money that was donated to this site directly will be split amongst them according to chapters posted that month (non-sponsered only). All the minor details and conditions will be open to changes and negotiations.

Of course people like me who want to do this for free just for  fun are very welcome!

That’s all I wanted to say for now, I am nervous and excited about how to make this blog work so pray for me ok? 😉

see you later guys   נתראה אחר כך חברה


17 thoughts on “Hi, nice to meet ya! really! you don’t know me? of course not, that’s what this post is for!

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  2. Hey. I found a novel that was dropped but it’s in chinese. Well… I just wanted to ask cus I have nothing to do. If you’re intrested, it’s called legend of the cultivation god and currently on chap 160.


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